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I wrote this articule if you could gave "like " to this I would appreacite very much:……   I finally ended my fic , is the first chapter , reviews are very mcuh  appreciated 
Im writing my own fic , nothing like twilight or 50 shades of grey .This fic is based on relationships and I will try to make them real as possible
The pirate ship, Tiradentes , is the most dangerous ship that ever crossed the seven seas--well it is the second most dangerous, only second to the pirate king´s ship "Boa Fé".

But what make the ship Tiradentes so famous isn´t that it's the second most dangerous pirate ship--in the pirate world that is only equal a being very famous. What makes Tiradentes so special is the fact that the captain is a woman—a Brazilian woman named Mariana de Souza.

How could a woman became the captain of a bunch of pirates? No one on her ship dares to ask that question—those who asked always ended up with a bullet on their head or worse…

Besides it was never an issue that they had a female captain. She hides all her "female features" very well and she can be a devil if the crew didn´t perfectly do what she ordered. There was an episode where she tied a man down on the vessel's mast. The rope around his waist and arms were so tight that it stopped the flow of blood …in the end the man´s arm was dead flesh …

"Captain?" Asks her first mate who happens to be her little brother. The crew wonders if they are truly related. Matheus Silva is an Argentine with blonde hair and blues eyes, the man didn't look very much older than the Captain. The Argentine loves to annoy the Captain but he is very loyal and protective, especially when she isn´t looking.

"Yes, Hermanito?" The Captain knows very little Spanish, "You want more cookies?" She does love to tease him for enjoying her traditional cookies. Matheus fakes a sorrowed look.

"No…Boluda, We will arrive in Tortugas in three days…"

"Will my lil bro finally lose his virginity?"

Matheus turns scarlet. Both are in her room with the Captain looking over an old map.

"SHUT UP!" The scream was loud enough for everyone on the ship to hear.

"I´m sorry Hermanito," She apologizes.

The young man makes a miffed noise.

"I want to know if you will do anything stupid!"

"Stupid? Wait, who made stupid things isn´t stupid?"

"Dios mio…how did you became Captain?" The question sounds mean but the Captain knows better.

"You know that story," she says rather bored.

"Well…are you going to see Him?"

She looks at Matheus very intensely with amazement in her eyes.


"Nothing—just be careful with his crazy little brother."

She sighs knowing what he means.

"And you be careful with Anita´s older brother." Anita is a Chilean woman who works at the bar Red Boots, a notorious bar that every pirate goes in Tortugas. Matheus and Anita have a small—or not so small—fling. The captain sometimes worries about that; the pirate life isn´t easy and if she loses her first mate…she prefers not to dwell on that for now.

She doesn't like to think on that matter but she and Matheus understand that one day they will have to retired from their life of piracy. And what Mariana will do after her piracy days are over?

"I´m not scared of him."

"If you say so."

"Ahh it's lunch do you want to eat now?"

"Sure. But you will not have any of my cookies," She says childishly.

"Whatever ," He says moodily.

"Ahhh don´t be like that maybe I can share one with you."

He sticks his tongue out at her and leaves to get her food since he ate before.

The Captain is wearing a black coat and a heavy brown boots. At the first glance she doesn't look like a woman with her face a bit dirty. She doesn't live a luxurious life and she doesn't mind a little dirt every now and then. But she is pretty convinced that the song "it's a pirate life for me" is a huge lie.

"The person who wrote that song is not aware of the truth." she thought.

After days at sea Tiradentes landed at Tortugas. In the moment the ship made land, every man headed off to some bar. The Captain had given instructions for them to return after a week. Some boys stayed on the ship to store up the food and others supplies.

She decided to spend the seven days she has free doing what she loves the most--drinking and teasing the Pirate King.

Yes, she does know him and she can tease him without having to suffer his wrath.

She also know that he is here lazing around or try to get away from his crazy little brother.

The pirate king is a Portuguese man with a scar on his left eye, long brown hair and depending on the weather he can be a loyal friend or your worst enemy.

"Like always, he must definitely be in his weird house…" she though amused.

Indeed, The Pirate King´s house is not at all pirate-like--if such a thing really exists. It is a big house, maybe even a mansion, with a nice garden and a balcony. Of course her favorite house´s colours are red and green, like the Portuguese flag.

"Mariana de Souza, wanted alive or dead." A husky voice said to Mariana. It is the Pirate King, holding an old wanted poster with her picture—or what was supposed to be her...Mariana is sure that she doesn't have a huge nose or an eye-patch.

"Did I ever have the chance to say your house isn´t the least bit pirate-ish?"

The man remain with the post of Marina is walking through her [dosen´t even brother to close his front door]

"Well…and how should a pirate's house look?" Belmiro´s voice is so quiet—almost like a whisper but never losing the warm welcome in his voice. He was so different from all the other men. Truly the only men she does care about are Matheus...and Belmiro. And Belmiro spoke differently from all the other men she had known.

Well there´s also the fact that Mariana knows almost nothing of Spanish, Belmiro's native language.

"Well…it should have tons of naked women and men too." This was said in a matter-of-fact tone. This was expected for a pirate´s house plus she had heard that when he was younger Belmiro was WILD. It's not like she liked to nose around his old affairs or anything—it's just that one day she heard a story about him and a French woman and a Indian woman. She knows others stories of his past ...she isn´t nosing around, really! It's just easy to know those old stories. Mariana heard all about Lovino/Antonio she knows that too. It seems that Captain Mariana De Souza loves boy love as much as Captain Elizaveth.

It is not needed to say that both woman are very good friends.

"Ah, should I be flatter? I´m too old for that anyway," Belmiro smiles liking when Mari visits more often. She is so stunning with a good punch and a sharp tongue. He is aware that even though he raised the girl, he never felt any fatherly feelings towards her. As she grew, the Portuguese man understood that he would never be a father to the Brazilian woman. Feeling an ephobolia towards Mariana won´t make Belmiro the father of the year .They aren´t related by blood or anything since Belmiro found a ten year old Mari unconscious on some deserted island. The island was an occasional place where pirates would go to rest a little...The main problem is the rum stores always ran dry on those islands.

Why did Belmiro save the poor girl?

Maybe because he started to feel a thing called "compassion"?

Maybe it's the fact that he was getting older?

Or maybe it was just loneliness...Who knows?

As for the girl´s parents, the Portuguese never heard from them.

"Belmiro…only I can call you old." He is standing in front of her, "Besides you still look passable."

Belmiro arches an eyebrow, "Just passable?"

Mariana paused, putting her finger on her lips in a way that makes it seem like she is solving the greatest mysteries of life.

"Well, to me, you look good and if you asked me to marry you I would say yes…just because you look handsome!" Smiling deviously—little girls shouldn´t be raised in a pirate ship.

"Geez thanks …you only love me for my beauty?" Belmiro asks pretending to be hurt. It still impressed him that Mari never mentioned his scar...usually people always noticed his scar.

"You sound like Francis now." Definitely not a good thing. Francis is a French pirate—a little too French according to Belmiro. Francis got along well with Belmiro's stupid little brother, Antonio Fernandez Carriedo

"Well, you did describe his dream house," Mari says with a shrug.

"Hm…so since you didn't say "no", I will assume you also want a house like that. And that you want to see me naked. That´s your reason for inviting me over? Oh, Belmiro!" Mari enters into playful mode; she does adore teasing the old pirate. "You think I'm prettier than Francis?" She is in pure joy.

The Portuguese blushes a little while the Brazilian woman wraps her arms around him.

"You do look cute when you blush—not at all like a tomato through. But when you blush you look so cuddly." She whispers in his ear. "You look so delicious when you blush." Belmiro sees her pretty pink tongue lick her lips. How can this woman be so naive and so sweet and then turn into a huge teaser?

Mariana de Souza looks very satisfied with the Belmiro's red face.

"So, let´s drink some tea?" Without waiting for an invitation, she enters into his house. "I will be here in Tortugas for seven days Bel-Bel. Come on, hurry up!" The Portuguese man knows that Mariana only likes tea because of him and that she always blames him for that. Belmiro´s face isn´t so red anymore.

"You know you are very sassy."

"That's how you like it, right?"

"Yeah…you only get away with it because you are my favorite."

"Careful…Antonio might hear you and have another tantrum!" Mari says trying to look serious. But when she remembers how Antonio threw a tantrum because in his words, 'Tou want to steal my Hermano from me? He´s mine!' Belmiro does wonder where he went wrong with Antonio. Aside from the Pirataria...he was a good role model to Antonio, sort of...

" He is too busy with his 'cute Lovino'" The said Italian is indeed rather cute but he also has a dirty mouth—worse even than Belmiro's. The Portuguese man thinks that it isn´t an issue with the Spaniard.

"Yeah, S.S. Yaoi."

"You spend too much time with Elizaveth--that crazy Hungarian woman-- she is a woman, right?"

"What makes you say that? Is it because of the whole Belmiro/Antonio thing? I talked to her and explained everything, you two are just brothers."

"That woman is crazy."

"With this 'job', you have to be a little loony...the loonier the better." She says looking directly at him.

Belmiro silently agrees. Since he and Antonio entered in this world—well it's more like forced—sanity had become a very rare luxury. All the people he has killed or tortured to get the tittle of Pirate King weigh heavily on him. Belmiro rules all the seven seas. He often wonders what would happen if he had met Mari when he was in his wild and bloodthirsty days.

"Oi? I want my tea now, Belbe!"

Belmiro blushes thinking what his younger self would say to him—probably stop fucking blushing like a virgin.

"Don´t call me Belbel."

"I like it ...and my tea? No, better yet, let´s drink wine!"

Belmiro rolls his eyes and poured a good Portuguese wine named Vinho do Porto.

"How is your hermano?" Mari adopted Matheus as her little brother when Antonio found the boy floating on a small boat. Matheus was a son of the seas. Since Antonio scared the boy, a 16 year old Mari adopted him.

"Matheus?" She asks with a mix of pride and annoyance in her voice. "He is doing fine. Probably screwing his girlfriend now. Hermanito is finally losing his virginity; I´m so proud of him."

"Mari..are you a virgin too?" Belmiro always hits on her but ...was it love? When she was a little girl he adored her and cared for her in a brotherly way. Belmiro even used to sing her lullabies. If he dis love her in a new way; it started when she became older. Belmiro admits it is weird having feelings for a girl you raised but he has done worse things.

Mari spits her wine out in confusion at the question.

"Yeah..I have..." She says.

Okay, now he is not feeling fatherly or brotherly feelings what so ever.

"With who?" He asks.

"Are you mad?"

"No. I´m not mad." He rose from his chair and got closer to her. "It was good? Did you like it?" His voice was very low.

"Um...can we talk about something else?" Mari now begins to feel nervous, she does have a small crush on the man –maybe more than a crush but Mari always assumed it was one sided.

"You haven´t answered me yet." Belmiro looks very displeased.

"Bel-Bel don´t be sexist..." Trying to calm down the man wasn't working very well.

Belmiro is picturing her laying with another man the first day she left his ship…why he let her go?

Belmiro kiss her and Mari´s lips are so soft.

Mari was in shock. She couldn´t feel anything. The Pirate King is kissing her—the same man that raised her, the man she never believed would see her in a romantic way.

At first the kiss was awkward but then it became more passionate and it was everything she had ever imagined. They parted the kiss, needing air.

"What…how...why?" A blabling Mari wasn't' something you see every day. Belmiro found it so adorable that he started to tease her more.

"Are you blushing? Ah, Mariana you look so cute when you blush." He pauses dramatically looking at her and licking his lips. "You look very delicious when YOU blush, Mari."

The pirate pick her up bridal style and Mari is speechless but is also enjoying it all. She hopes this isn´t a dream.

"Belmiro?" She asks rather shyly but Mari´s shyness fades quickly. "Are you smoking weed again? That´s so not good for your health, old man."

"Mari...this time I will tease you and I will be unmerciful." Belmiro wore his most dangerous smiles and looks at her in a way that she fantasized about when she was alone.

"Really old man? I doubt you can be worse than the great shame of the British navy." She smiled smug.

Belmiro look at her deep in thought.

"I SINK ARTHUR's SHIP,lars´s ship and also that Moura too." Arthur and Belmiro are friends but there was a time where the two don´t get along very well. Belmiro and Lars hate each other ... the Moura in question is a Turkish man named, Sadik Adnan and they hate each other.

Mari rolls her eyes; men can be so immature. If there were more females pirates would have "grudges" or at least they would be way more discrete.

"Whatever you say, Bel-Bel." Mariana does love teasing him, this is a fact. "Besides, I´m the most dangerous pirate ever."

"You silly thing, you forget than I´m the Pirate King...And that isn´t just a nickname."

Mariana smiles. "Hm...let´s see about that old man."

"I´m not old...well not that old anyway."

Mari grabs his hair, which is loose but it is usually tied up and starts to play with it.

Mariana knows how Belmiro gets when he is with a lover. She doesn´t care if this will be a fling—she is a very aware person and she will not have any delusions of a "happy ending". This will be more like a friends with benefits type of deal.

She is a pirate, such a thing as love—like sanity—is a luxury she can´t afford.

Mariana often sees women—not like herself or Elizaveth—with their husbands or boyfriends but she always denied that part of her that wants what those women have—love.

Mariana Da Silva does want to have a family but she doesn´t have any memories of her mother or father...

Her strongest characteristic is her ability to be self-aware. She knows she is stubborn and that some might say that she has a "feline tongue".

Belmiro…Mariana may love the man. But it doesn´t mean she will be a cute and obedient little whore in his bed.

Belmiro looks at her; his eyes are so enigmatic, The Portuguese man used to be so wild. He's hoping Mari hasn't heard about the story with him and a French woman and an Indian woman...Oh, she might have heard it alright.

Belmiro used to sleep with those women and sometimes men when he was "lonely". He never really cares about his partners after the "deed" is done.

With Mariana it is so different. He needs her and wants her and loves only Mariana, only her.

Oh, Belmiro can´t make fun of Antonio being so smitten by that "cute Lovino" ever again.

Mariana takes her chance to kiss Belmiro, trying to dominate the kiss. The Portuguese is smirking inside--Oh he will tame her today and every day for the rest of the week.
well thanks SBK

you are awsome

This fic has been beta by FearlessDrazzer

Mariana da Silva is feeling weak and tired but this isn´t due to the fact that she isn´t a human but a nation—Brazil to be exact. She is currently dealing with her last dictatorship, the cruelest and bloodiest the nation has ever dealt with and even though it has ended she still feels the paranoia of that time …

In spite of this, she can't help but to think that she misses that time. Why? Because in the beginning, she sincerely believed in the promise of being a strong nation that was able to make her people proud…That is not the reality that she is now facing.

Her people are killing themselves because of the lack of money. The President, Collor, was making everything worse with the "plano color".

Mariana felt immense relief when Collor was deposed. Mariana is getting used to the disgust and complaints concerning his election.

Mariana vows to let dictatorships stay in the past and never bring up this topic ever again. Mariana is very good at forgetting things that need to be forgotten…that's why she never talks about the time before Portugal discovered her.

Brazil had a long period of dictatorship from the 1964 until the 80's.

"Hey," she hears a very American voice say. Mariana is in her office having a day off before dealing with the bureaucracy—Fernando Henrique is going to be the president now and he seems to have an idea of how to fix the mess that Collor created.

Mariana turns her head; she has been focused on the paperwork in front of her. "God is Brazilian." Echoes in her head …the woman has never truly been a religious person but maybe she can try to believe and believe for the sake of her country.

Even though Alfred's name is USA he is commonly referred to as just America. "USA, is there something you want?" Mariana asks, predicting that Alfred will try to tick her off or try to take something from her.

"You are a woman."

"Great observation skills …England would be so proud." Her sarcasm is obvious but she doesn't care if she comes off as mean—Mariana has never, ever, been a fine lady so why start now?

"And you need help."

"USA, I´m feeling very tired—no scratch that—I´m exhausted, so if you want something just say so…and if you're going to ask 'can I have Amazonia' the answer is a big no."

"No. I know you would kill me if I touch your Amazonia…You're just a damsel in distress and I need to save you."

"I´M NOT A DAMSEL IN DISTRESS, DAMMIT! And you've already helped me. "

"I remember a time where you called yourself "The United States of Brazil"…hehe I like that name."

"I don´t…no offense, but I don´t want to be a copycat of another country…I´m already a mix of many cultures."

"When your dictatorship started …you were very against everything that wasn´t from Brazil...I never liked any of your dictatorships."

"I know you've made that very clear …When Simonal was singing a song already labeled it as 'An Anthem of Dictatorship' …But that is in the past, right? And I don´t need to be saved anymore."

"Yes, you do, and that's why I want to save you …We've both had to endure bad bosses that make bad decisions and actions so don´t worry. You aren´t the only one and I helped you in 70´s and 80´s."

"My people hate me."

"No, they don´t …they are just feeling …confused that´s all, even I have to deal with that …So don´t get so worked up about this."

"If you are here to save me…you are very late …I´m working to pay my debts."

"No, I mean I know you are working on that …I get it, I ...know that I tend to be kind of a--what's thing that Iggy calls me? Oh yes! A bloody wanker." Mariana smiles a little when Alfred makes an imitation of British accent. "But I don´t want you to feel so bad about yourself…we may be countries but we are bound to our bosses…think of Germany…He is labeled for all his life as a Nazi …but we both know that he isn´t."

Mariana finds it interesting that USA starts to talk about WWII and yes, Mariana does know that Ludwig is a country created by Jews.*

"You came ...all the way from the USA to cheer me up?" she said very slowly as she is trying to understand the idea…USA and Brazil have such a troublesome relationship.

"Yes, that's what a hero does. He can´t let a pretty damsel feeling sorry for herself. " Brazil rolls her eyes at USA´s antics.

"Why the gloomy face? Is it that hard to believe?"

"It is for a bunch of reason actually. One—every time we see each other , you say something in Spanish to me." USA exclaimed that he didn´t know until now that Portuguese and Spanish were different languages. "Two—you used to say that I was Spanish territory."

"I get it now; Portugal is a country and Spain is another …and I know that you will always prefer Portugal …he too dealt with a dictatorship."

"Three—You used to try to 'sneak up' on my dictatorship…and that didn´t end well for you. Four—you won't gain Amazonia. Give up. And five—you have this masochistic vision that I need to be saved all the time..."

"Well, everyone needs to be saved at some point …and yeah, our relationship is very weird …but who knows, maybe we could work it out?"


"And you are the prettiest damsel I have…because you are the right gender to be a damsel." Alfred closes his eyes and thinks of Iggy during WWII; he'd definitely not look good in a dress. Then picturing Israel ,who won´t look pretty with a dress either, makes him smile.

"Well, damsels in distress are very annoying …" She pouts as she pictures herself in a dress—the same dress that she wore when Portugal said he would fight against France …for her. "I can defend myself…old man," she thought.

"But thanks Alfred…To be honest I don´t think we can be friends right now…it's just too much right now to do but maybe. And if you don´t start to singing anything in Spanish to me ...We can be friends"

"Ok but Spanish is the only other language I know."

"I´m doing a great good for mankind."


"I know."

"But it's working, right? You're feeling better…I mean, when I was suffering from the Great Depression, the talk we had lifted up my spirits but I know we have a solid relationship. And like you said before maybe we can be friends"

Mariana cracks a smile.

"Yeah... thanks, I´m not a damsel in distress, but thanks."

"Anytime, the hero is here…Now I have to go…My boss doesn´t know that I'm here…"

"What? That is just very silly."

"Nah, I had to see if you were alright…and also I FOUND BRAZIL ON MY OWN, SUCK ON THAT IGGY!"

Mariana is fighting the urge to tell him that Iggy wasn´t that good at discovering places either; it was Portugal who was. In the back of her mind, she recalls the voyage he took that allowed her to come into being.

"Yeah congrats found Brazil." She says with her typical sassy tone but it has been so long since she had used it.

USA completely ignores her tone and starts to jump up and down while screaming out the window that he found Brazil. He receives some nasty feedback from the people outside and Mariana has no desire to translate it to him.

"Yeah, you found Brazil but in order to still have a Brazil here …I need to work on the paperwork …"

"Ok, I will let you work…but if Iggy asks, can you tell him that I found you without help?"

"Sure, did you found me without help?"

"Well, Mexico helped a little …but overall I did it all by myself. "

"Hmm…then If Iggy calls me, I will say 'Oh Iggy, he finally found me and all on his own' I promise." She said, faking an American accent.

"Good…So see you around, maybe we can be real friends in the future."

Some years later in Santa Maria

"You came all the way from Canada to help me?" asks a very incredulous and at the same time very grateful Mariana.

"Yes," Matthew says, blushing a little. The Canadian didn´t bring his polar bear along for obvious reasons.

"Is a hero complex something contagious?" She says joking as she start to cry a little "I´m not a damsel in distress dammit!"

"I know but even a strong woman needs to be saved every now and then…Ukraine told me once that a woman must balance the warrior side and the feminine side…she said there's nothing wrong with being saved once or twice …but she spoke to me in Ukrainian so I may have misunderstood her." Matthew said, now looking at Mariana who is crying—not sad—but happy tears.

"Thanks. Ukraine is a lucky lady to have you." At this point, she's stopped the tears as she gives her trademark 'the sassy smile of Mariana'. After all it isn´t a secret—thanks to USA—that Canada and Ukraine are dating.

"I could say the same about Portugal…though he isn´t a woman."

"Yeah, you can say that again." She wipes her tears, thinking of how much she hates the whole damsel in distress thing and how she is definitely not one.



Ok,first I have to say that this fic was "born" as an apology! The fic to whom this is written is wonderful and she loves history as much I do. We are cool now and I´m happy for that.

SBK, YOU ARE AWSOME! (no more jokes on USA)

Um...To be honest the Hetalia fandom is starting to get on my nerves--I´m Mikeellee on tumblr so you may have read my little rant about some shitty fics.

But after I saw a review on a fic that I considered dead, I decide to post this fic. Yes, it will have grammatical errors you don't need to tell me that.

The fic 'Inquisition on Brazil' will have a chapter 2. It is still in the making but it will be good. It's hard for me to write this as I always think so poorly of my fics.

Anyway, I also want to clear up that, yes, I was in the hospital for being hit by a car… People said that it was amazing how I wasn´t severely injured...I was thinking about my OC the time I was in the hospital. I only stayed there for 3 hours ...I scratched my knee pretty badly and my elbow too but only that.

Hetalia sometimes pisses me off. But I like it most of the time.

As for this fic ...Well actually, I almost posted a fic with Mari fighting Slender—based on a youtube vídeo I watch—but it is better post something serious. Why do no Brazilians write about this era in Brazil? I have no idea.

Hope you guys like it!

If you don´t, NO NEED TO FLAME.

Also the Brazilian dictatorship start in 1964 and officially ends in the 80´s but there´s controversy; some say that it stopped for real in the 90´s.
Well , finally , this fic has been beta right .

It talks about the ERA COLLOR (a terrible time in Brazil)
Hey , the drabbles "simply Brazil" is now going to be update via FF ...if you guys could check it out and see .…
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