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So, I made you guys a Hetalia Version of the 'Mary Sue' test. Now, I know it's not always accurate but, it is nice to have something to run your character against for some basic things. 

Let me know what you guys think of Mariana da Silva aka Brazil, 3 years being my muse…I hope that I did good as Adm


Are they are a made up country?  NO, Brazil is real (shocking ,I know )

Were they a human turned a country? NO

Do they represent some tiny micronation or a tiny, tiny street somewhere? (EXAMPLE: New Prussia.) NO

-Do they have relations with huge countries despite this? (EXAMPLE: New Prussia in love with Germany or best friends with France.) NO

They're anything but a full country. (EXAMPLE: Serbia that's part neko, part dog, vampire, dragon, whatever.) NO, that would freak out Mari to no end

They're personifying anything but a country, break away state, culture, or micronation. (EXAMPLE: A body of water.) [Get out. You broke the test.] WHAT? No!

Is their name in any language besides what's mostly spoken in their country? Well Mariana is a name that come from  Portugal and maybe Spain ( maybe France …I mean , I have seen some fem France using the name Mariana but maybe the sounds is differently there) but the name itself is very common in Brazil

Is it a Japanese name? No, but to be honest Mari try to speak a thing or two with the other countries in their language .I have this idea , if you´re a nation …then you can learn more easily some language (I don´t like when  someone put Lovi not understanding a word of Spanish just for the humor …I think that lovi does speak a little of Spanish as Feli speak a little of german )

Is their name unusual for their country of origin? NO

Do they have un-natural hair color? NO

Do they have un-natural eye color? No,Mari´s eyes are tough (is a mix of blue and green , and before you ask , yes , this colour exist and I have saw before ….)

Do they have hair color that is rare in their country of origin? (EXAMPLE: Cambodia who is blonde, Balkan country who is blonde, etc.) NO

Are they are of a different race then what is most populous in their country? (EXAMPLE: Ethopia who is white, any african country that is pure white, etc.) NO

Is your character based on your own looks? NO

Is it based on how you wish you looked? No (I´m ok on how I look)

Does your character have a 'captivating, piercing' stare, etc? NO(…unless she want to beat the shit out of you, which it is rare seen her truly mad, but overall she easy going girl)

Does your character have a scar or anything of this sort that is noticeable but does not detract from their overall appearance? NO (I was thinking in giving some scars on Mari´s back to represent all the wars she was into…but then again, there many nations that face worst things and don´t have scars …So I let it go)


Do they have huge tracks of land, if female, despite their soil not being very fertile, nor having large amounts of prairiers/steppes/fields? (There's an actual list for this, check it out.) Brazil does have a huge track of land (Sorry Ukraine ) Is true, but she doesn´t brag about it .Mari adores her fauna and flora .

Are they bigger then Ukraine's? And now we are talking about BOOBS ,no,Mari has proportional boobs (no hentai )

Are they related to a canon character? NO. Some people may think that Portugal was her older brother …but Mari existed way before he found her …so no

Would they be logically related to said character? (EXAMPLE: Wales related to England, Czech related to Poland, etc.) I said No to the other question

Do the countries have no relation and yet they are siblings or parents to your character? (EXAMPLE: Laos related to America, Greenland related to Cuba, etc.) No

Are they in love with a canon character? …I ship Portugal x Brazil and Germany x Brazil( based on their story together) but Mari at moment was too big thing to think then dates

Do the two countries in question have a long history together? (EXAMPLE: Scotland with France.) Portugal x Brasil ,Yes

Does the history involve colonization or other sorts of abuse of one country by the other? ….Trick one , I think if I compare  what Spain did with his colonies sin south America with what Portugal did …It wans´t abuse…Portugal was just a slacker (he doesn´t want to go back to Europe)

Are they in love with Russia? NO

Are they in love with England? GOD NO

Are they friends with almost everyone? Hum…Marin get along with everyone (better than being hate by everyone) but she isn´t friendly immediately with a random country  just for the sack of the fic. And I tend to use historical information on EVERYTHING relates to Mari

Except the girls? …She is a tomboy and I make her nervous around girls ,but no she doesn´t hate them or neither them hate her

Do they hate Belarus despite having no relation or history to her? No, Mari likes her

Do they hate any of the girls despite having no history or relation to them? NO,again she feels intimidated by any girls ,especially Europeans (huge inferioty complex…poor baby)

Does their history, comparing it to the country's actual history, make no logical sense? I use the real thing baby , so yes, Mari´s story make sense even to the gringos

Are they 'hardcore'? (EXAMPLE: Excessively dark characters, excessively violent countries with no logical explanation why, etc.) I love yandares ,but Mari only will attack to self defend herself (some day I will do an hetaone with her )

Are they 'insane' or 'bipolar'? No

Are they unstable, yet, with no logical explination why? (EXAMPLE: Belarus is an unstable country because it's a dictatorship, they have essentially no economy and horrid human rights. Russia, as a character, is unstable because of its long, sucky history. A country like Transnistria would be unstable because of the state its in. Brazil, however, would not be unstable.)  . Brazil, however, would not be unstable   

Mari deals with some shits in the past …………………………………….I don´t think she will go insane or something ,because she has a strong mind and a sense of duty ( she wants to protect her people form this actual government )  

Brazil is stronger , but ,She has no desire to make any war or participate in any war (her biggest dream is to be a neutral country)



Do they dress un-modestly, despite being a country with modesty laws? (EXAMPLE: Female Saudi Arabia wearing a bikini.)  NO , but she does dress up in a corky fashion way (basead in some fashion show I watch in Rio de Janeiro) .


 Do they dress un-logically for their enviroment? (EXAMPLE: Antartica wearing shorts, Bahamas wearing a parka, etc.) No,Mari loves the sun but when is a cold day she wrap herself with a nice coat and boots

Are they "sweet but really bad when angry"? ……….She is a nice girl ,no doubt, but NOT A PUSHOVER.And get her really angry is hard

Do they have any faults to them? (Being clumsy isn't a fault, being too nice isn't a fault, etc.) If not, then: Complex of inferioty

Can have a bad temper


Likes to judge (even that mentally)

Tends to isolated herself

Can be a little hypocrite (that pains me ,but true Mari can be a little hypocrite)

Copy cat( ok,to be fair sometimes this isn´t a bad flaw but overall ….)

Is their personality solely based on stereotypes? NO, I tend to make her as realist as possible

-Bad stereotypes? (EXAMPLE: Terrorist middle-eastern countries.) NEVER

Are they a nazi, despite the setting not being WWII anymore and them not being in any relation to a 

Nazi country during WWII? [Get out. Broke the test.]…….DUDE , YOU MAKE MARI CRY

MARI"No, I didn´t"


Are they a generally mean character and stay that way? NO, is 50 shades of Mari

Mari"Oh god …You´re waiting for that one ,right?"


Are they disliked by a few characters, for logical reasons? ….No, I make Argy and Mari having a intense rivalry (sometimes is one side , sorry Argy) but there´s no hate

I don´t think any one actually hates Brazil( and NO I DON'T SHIP ARG X BRAZIL….THEY ARE BRO IN MY EYES )

Did you spend more then two days researching the character, and, edit the character respectively when you learn new information about the place?  YES

Are all the relations based on historical and political relations currently? YES(but I have only  Mari)

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