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Simply brazil

I see Brazil as the only girl in the Americas house, but she has more balls then the others mans
I will try to be more hystorical possible
This fic will be drabbles
It isnīt suck that I donīt own Hetalia? Well life goes on

1# waiting

Mariana da Silva or how she is called those days, Brazil, is having a very bored day.
Why? For start, the royal Portuguese family fleet to her house because France was being an ass.
Is not that she dislike them or anything, Mari was used to the simple life…Now she is a colony and an Empire too(she donīt like the other nation on south America giving cold stares or shivering on fear every time she saw any of them)

She does missed the simple days were the young girl was entirely free and in ton with the nature .But ever since Portugal "found " her …the young woman lose a part of her freedom but that didnīt bother her that much ,Mari wonder why(is an attachment with the older nation?)

Oh also Carlota Joaquina, her princess and Dom Joaoīs wife, have a knee in annoyed Mari for two reasons
1] she is bored in Brazil, she loves to reminder the Brazilian woman that Brazil will never be like Spain
2] She is also a little jealousy of each time that Mari talks with Dom Joao
So today, the Spanish princess is reading a romance to Mari in Spanish (No, Mari never share any desire to learn the language)

And is not that she never try to escaped from those lectures and sessions of Spanish culture [oh how Mari likes to be very sassy] is just …if she does that, Carlota will be after her.

"And what about the end, what did you think Mari?" Mariīs boss, still found this situation amused , lift an eyebrow to Mari who still is sit lazy in the chair almost look like someone threw a bag of potato and keeps the same expression on

"Yes, lovely it gets better after lessoning for the fifty times, I mean this time I could almost not fathom why Gisele did that, wow" she clap her hands as she gave a smirk
Carlota gave a stern look clearly not happy with Mariīs ton

"You werenīt pay attention? Oh …"she takes a deep breath "I was trying to be nice with you"

"Oh really? Let me know when you start"

"I know you are worried about Portugal fighting with France "that hit a nerve, Mariana didnīt like when Gabriel goes into a war …and the fact he was fighting to keep her make this weird for her("For god sake I can protect myself" she remember saying this to Portugal and his boss )

"You need to stop worrying …he will be home, I mean ,Portugal will come back to this place ,safe and sound." After this stamen she move towards the door "I think you should wear a white dress ,if you have any. Gabriel will like it"

Mari watch her leave her room with any interested as she now look to her window and thinks "I do have a dress , you idiot…if you come back I will wear that stupid thing"

2# flag

Mari was never found of smoke having watching nations like Portugal , Netherland ,Spain and England masking Tabaco …She was certain that her lips would never touch tabaco but like the old saying "never say never "

Mariana is smoking a cigarette as her boss begin to speak
"So it begin the military dictatorship on Brazil,my beloved nation,you will see …it for the better "

Mariana havenīt say a word as she just stare at her own flag thinking to herself "I don't think red suit me that much"

She continues to smoke her cigarette

3 # friendship

Ever since Femke Larssom or how she is knower, the kingdom of Belgium, get her independency she has a hard time to make some nations acknowledge this little fact .Netherland ,her dear older brother ,didnīt get so happy with Belgium leaving him and she couldnīt be with Spain or Austria .Belgium can be on her own now

Femke was with her boss to foreign relations with a nation called Brazil, if her memory didnīt fail, so she hides her sorrow and frustrations and put a fake smile on after all she donīt want to do any screw up in front of her boss.

She was expecting a boy or a man what she saw it surprised her the most

"Hi, Iīm Brazil 'the yes Iīm an empire and I not married or cared about it' also is  nice to know other nation that is independent just like me "the woman with short raven hair, the most mysterious green bluish eyes, wear man clothiers (through the Brazilīs boss didnīt seem to mind or Femkeīs boss either)and she was speaking French (Brazil spoke the same thing in Dutch and in ingles)

Femke blink a few times and now it recall to her that Portugal gave independency to a colony on south America (oh now she remember Spain saying something about Brazil "Bruja …what my brother saw on her I will never know")

"You recognize that Iīm independent?"

"Of course , We both struggle to get our independency ,even though we meet just now ,I can say we have something in common …we are female independent nations and some countries donīt like that "the girl stop and scratch her neck nervous feeling a little embarrassed " ah Is just what I think "

Femke blink and then she gave her famous trademark; a cat smile .Belgium never saw someone being so embarrassed and red like Romano

"Well if it is the case we most have something else in common…like do you like sweeties?"

The woman just nod not really sure of what to do now since she never talk with a female nation before(and she is aware that it has so little females nations around the world)

"Then we have something else in commun, my name is Femke and yours?"

"Mariana "

"Mari,I think we will get along pretty well"

# 4 Partner in crime

In a certain house thereīs a woman wearing a uniform (howgrats style) and doing what it looks like magic rituals(or if Argy saw it ,he would say she is doing her typical food) .Without a care in the world she toss the items in the cauldron

"Salut"Said Alucard as he start to drink a tomato juice (is what he will tell you anyway)

"Salut , Lulu"she said the nickname enjoying as it already roll out of her mouth( in the same way Alucard likes to mimick her accent she likes to do that too)

"What are you doing?"

"Iīm doing a potion "

"I can see that ,but for what?"

"To curse my enemies "

"Engalnd ranting about your Olympic in 2016 , again?"

"He was telling Portugal that my Olympic will be horrible and you know I can be classy as fuck but that is too much"

Alucard just smiling showing his famous "fang smile" even through Arthur and Alucard are friend and go in every meet of the "Magic club " .Is impossible to resist a prank time on Iggy

"You know what would be funny to see?"

"Hum,Dinossaurs coming back to live ?"

"Aside that ,Iggy sure hates coffee"

Mari turns up to him and gave a sly smile ,Alucard was eating a brioche and drinking his Tomato juice

"Yeah , would be a shame indeed "

On the next day Arthur Kirkland discovery that all his teaīs staff vanish without a clue

#5 Warm

Itīs 1944, USA soldiers together with Brazilian soldiers are marching in Italy.
Thereīs a little problem, Brazil isnīt used with cold and today is a the coldest day in Italy

Mariana, being Brazil want to ignored the cold, after all she is a soldier (but she couldnīt, she really wasnīt used to the cold)

Mentally she is scowling North Italy, Japan, Germany and everyone else
"When I get my hands on Feliciano and Ludwig…I will kill them" she though imaging struggling Feliciano and Ludwig

USA, as knower as Alfred Jones, seeing Mariana shivering from cold (also he do realize she was trying really hard to cover up)

He takes his jacket off and gives to her (In the back of his mind he could hear a mock voice with a British accent saying" just like a gentleman")

"Hum?"Brazil is surprised by the gest

Alfred is looking serious for once, the American boy used to smile and says some funny or dumb things but since the WWII ...He isnīt the same anymore

"Youīre with cold, take it-as Mari wear the jack Alfred speak-Iīm sorry to put you in this war…"

"Well …Is fine...Is a world War…It inflect on every one"

Alfred zipped his jacket for the Brazilian woman

"Your soldiers arenīt used to the cold…You will be no useful to the this war if you became a Popsicle –He jokes a little-If you want help…Is just say so...I get you into this war. So I must help you and your soldiers with uniform"

Mariana smiles .She punch his left arm rather playful (mentally she is happy that her arms arenīt frozen)

"Thanks man, and you didnīt force me anything. I choose to fight. I just regret not knowing it would be so cold here"

Alfred holds her, smiling for the first time since they arrive in Italy
"Iīm glad we are allies" –Alfred is still resenting a little England for not telling him about the " pear harbor"…Alfred lose so many mans in that day. If England warned him.…

Suddenly Brazil feels a little warmer

# 6 Girl club

The Republic federative of Brazil can say she isn't a coward nor she is a bully (well she already apologize with Uruguay and she has no idea why Ecuador is so scared of her) but everyone has a weakness

A pair of eyes stare at Mari intensely at the poor Brazilian woman,she is wearing short jeans and a black shirt saying "Ola,sou do Brasil e nao falo espanhol"

"Hum "

The eyes belong to female nations ,all the females nations in the world are staring at Mari .Now even through Brazil is a female …Mariana was raised by man all her life (yes,she has a friendship with Belgium but it took While to Mari be comfortable around someone so ...opposite of the tomboy)

"So whatīs your answer Brazil ?"asked Vietnam with a book in her hand an a serious expression (Mari is already guessing that she is doing more class of "how to smile " with Thailand )

"But…why me?"

"дзеля любові да Бога just accepted already" said Belarus who is impately staring at Mariana with her famous ice glare ,it not work on Mariana (usually the Brazilian would say something like" bela ,you are so cute when you do that …looks who is trying to be all scary " earning more ice glares and more sassy come backs .Is the cycle of life )

"Hum ,I guess "

"Great ,now is officially the female nation club is complete" saids Hungary while Czechia gave a apoletic smile( she knows that Mari is a huge tomboy and donīt know how to speak with other womans…well at least more than one)

Liechtenstein hand a ribbon to Mari , a white ribbon to match her raven hair

"Well ,is not like I have choose ,right"

"NO" they all saying smiling in satisfaction while Mari just gulp

"Oh what I get myself into?" she thought quietly

#7 Movie

Ever since the 50īs Mariana start to grow a love for cinema (never mind how hard it was to make her own movies and all the protest and struggles she has to face along the years)
But everything in the past now .At this right moment Mari is watching a movie with Ludwig.Why?

Because Ludwig deserve a break from holding all the Europe financial crisis and both like movies (Ludwig saw Italians movie and those make him deeply disturbed) and is nice to chat about something that isnīt troubles and problems

"Hey Luddy, I got the movie "o palhaįo" and I canīt believe is competing for the Oscar"
Ludwig hope that no one get the habit of calling him "Luddy"( namely Feliciano)

Ludwig drink his beer while Mari drink her coffee (is sacred her beloved coffee she said once to Ludwig)

Unknown to them a certain pair of red eyes and brown eyes stare at the two.
Feliciano isnīt amused while Gilbert is so proud of his little brother

8# This was war

On a Czechia in a typical house of Praga ,the capital .Thereīs a discussion about something very important.

" Mari , me and Elizaveth were so tomboy as you"


"No, darling ,you donīt understand ,we didnīt like Austria very much ,well is more like a love-hate thing"

"I believe in you"

"Also ,the thing I have to put it on WWII "

"I know"

"And Liechtenstein, donīt let that cute face mislead you, she knows how to hold grudges"


"Also thereīs this crisis on Europe and the euro Copa…I didn't won, why is always Spain?"

Czech a brunette that likes to wear a white scarf turns to Mari now wanting a answer
"hum…bohemia?" she offer the beer to Czechia

"Thanks .So what about you?"

9 # cheers

Both Ukraine and Brazil are cheering for Portugal (through Ukraine can sure be a monster when Canada is the one playing, Mari pity the fool that dares to say anything bad to her Canadian boyfriend)

Is the match between Portugal x Spain .The Brazilian woman does want to see Portugal winning (she so not blush when the older nation says she is his lucky charm)

At the end of the match Portugal didnīt win through it was a good game .Now is up to Italy (hum Mari isnīt sure if they can defeat Spain but hey they defeat Germany)

Mari goes to Portugal (again, she didnīt blush to see him shirtless ) and without thinking she hug him

"Gabriel , that was a good game" she said with her face half painting with his flagīs color not really minding the sweat on his body

Gabriel just crack a smile even though he is totally exhaust and cover in sweat
"Nah, it wasnīt today I ripped that smile of his dam face" Gabriel said without any real malice(the Iberian brother like to compete with each other but at the same time both like to cheer to each other)

Mari just stare at him then at Spain (Antonio glare at Mari as Mari glare to Antonio…they donīt like each other)

"Hum...I should have ask for Felipão to be my couch"

"So you are acknowledge finally that I'm the best in futebol"

Gabriel just laugh as he let go the hug and watch his player interact with Antonioīs player

"I can say you arenīt so bad in futebol ,Mari"

"Just wait the copa of 2014 I will win…and I will defeat Spain ,I will make him eat dirty"

"whatever you say Mari"

10# reunions

As Mari look at England , France and USA bickering at each other like always she just sigh
As she watch North Italy scream Pasta in the meeting she only sigh

As Germany yelled to everyone to be quiet or when Japan agreed to everything USA said (Making Switzerland yell "EXPRESS YOUR OPINIOS, JAPAN) she only sighs

When Russia was scaring Lithuania and Estonia as Belarus too.Then the meeting was finished and all the other countries pack their belongs and head to the exit

Mari stares at China

"This is always like that ?"

"Yes,aru, and they never resolve any trouble"

"geez,thanks for putting me here ,China"

"You welcome,aru"

11# Skin

"Are you sure you donīt want to use this make up?" ask one of her bosses that was sent to look after her by Portugal( like she is a hopeless girl)

Mariana looking unfazed by this whole thing just stare at the make up it is the same make up that europeans persofications wear to hide their black absolutely bullshit

"You will cause problems ,I mean,you arenīt white neither black "The man said tentative hoping she would accepted while Mari looking at him (it wasnīt a evil stare or "i will beat the shit out of you" it was calm ,Mariana is really good in hide what she is really thinking )

Finally she stop to look at the said man and look carefull at her arm noticing her she eyed her hands("did my hands get bigger or is just me?" she thought as the memories of her childhood begin to cloud her mind "well it never made difference in that time if my hands were small so i donīt think it makes difference now if they get bigger")

"Cafe com leite"

"Excuse me?"

"If the colour of my skin will casue so much havoc"she said the last part with irony "then i will say that the colour of my skin is "cafe com leite".So it wonīt be need a make up to hide my skin...because ,if i use this make up...then ,you will have to say that your country is ashamed of her locks and that will reflect on you too"

"But the Female nation on Europe..."

"My good sir,You arenīt in Europe and Iīm certanly not an European nation so this is pointless "

"But the slaves..."

"Yes,I know that...The slaves that Portugal bring to him along with Netherlands and England ...Is slavery is something that exist for centuries"the image of her tribes slavering other tribes or killing them .Is complicated but she canīt be mad with her own humans"so i guess the world will have to get used to a south america female nation with cafe com leite as skin .Good day ,sir"she skip the hall leaving the man behind

"I should have mention that Portugal has no light skin either?" she mused to herself
Ok here we go to the explanations:

1]When the royal portuguese family came to Brazil it elevated the title of Brazil to Empire .Dom Joao bring many books and build the first library  the Country itself have many names before Brazil(even in her dictatorship era)
Anyway,as for Carlota Joaquina , she dindīt like Brazil very much , thereīs many reports that she called it "the boondocks"

We made a steryotype that Carlota is a TPMzilla but actually she is a very inteligent woman (that loves Sapin very much) and love Do. Joao

When I say love , it meant that have somehow a ok marriage (when he died she became so shaken that spend all her money in prayer for him).Also im comparing to others spanish princes that have a not so nice marriage ...

I make Carlota not liking Mari because ,nuff said it is hystorical
Portugal was fighting against France in that time and he win( France tries to invade Portugal 3 times ..3 TIMES EPIC FAILURE)

2]On this one ,I mention the first dictatorship ,the coup of 1968(o golpe de 1968) ,Mariīs dictatorship last for 3 centuries .

The blood that Mari refer is based on a tv show that use that metaphor

3]I think this one is a piece of shit , basically i want to show how Belgium and Brazil became friends

Historically both nations reconize each other indenpendency(Both in the same year 1888)

My headcannon is that Belbel is a lady like but as se have to deal with many shit situation she want to spill what she really think but she canīt ...But Mari does that easily

And Mari admires Belbelīs feminility and Chocolate

This firendship is very interesting

Belbel even was in favor of Brazil in the dispute between Brazil vs lost the cause (he want that Mari pays for allthe ships she sink ,but he was the one that start a fight with her sum it up of course) so the kin of Belgium declares Brazil the winner and she wonīt have to pay to Iggy


4]Romenia and Brazil are friends jsut like the friendship with Belbel,it start with the time were Brazil was an empire

Well in Rio de Janeiro we have the Romeniaīs embassy (and in ROmenia it has the Brazilīs embassy while the Belbelīs embassy is on Sao Paulo)

Hum... both countries like scary stories (oh how we like a good creepy pasta)

I like to thinking that Romenia and Mari would be mischevous and prank Iggy just for fun
Somehow i think Alucard(NO,THIS HAS TO BE HIS NAME ,SORRY ,I DONīT RECONIZE ANY OTHER NAME FOR HIM) donīt like Iggy very much"cough makes his heroe be portrayed as a monster cough) but since they are in the magic club...

And Iggy likes to bad mouths Brazil (or liked) abouth her olympics in 2016...Someone is jelly

5]In 1944 Brazilians soldiers are hiking on North Italy along with the USA soldiers ,they lent dome of clothier to the brazilians soldiers


As the pearl harbor ,i read and saw a documentary saying that it could be avoid if someone warned the USA (Cough Iggy but he want USA to join the war yeah ,he also spread to USA that Belgium was "rape" ...he overreacteed on this but i guess it was for a good cause)

Oh Mari did face Germany,italy and Japan...She won (Germany wanted to Make Brazil one of the axis ,but she said no)

6] this one is for pure fun.I creat Mariana to be a huge tomboy and be a bit awawkard around girls(this has anything sexually) she has somehow a inferiority complex but at the same time she doesn,īt want to change herself

I guess she just have to accept fully who she is
Oh she get that becasue everyone keeping comparing the females europen nations with her...
Headcannon : all the girls in hetalia have a robbon that match with them,it was liechtensteinīs idea
Belarus,Monaco,Seycheles ,Vietnam,Taiwan and Hungary are friends(Ukraine too)
дзеля любові да Бога =for the love of God

"Ola,sou do Brasil e nao falo espanhol"=Hi,I come from Brazil,no I donīt speak spanish

7]I ship Brazil x Germany(no,i donīt think that every german is a nazi especially the one that immigrated to Brazil)

Ok, the movie mention ,the clow "o palhaįo" did competed in oscar 2010 but it didnīt won
And when the Brazilīs protest begin the first nation that support Mari was...Germany
OK,sorry gerita fan but i think this ship is too cute to be hate

8]I love Cadasko idea of Czechia(Brazil and Czechia are firends ...Jucelino Kubitsheck was brazilian and Czech)

Well Czech was under the Austro hungary union and she did rebel against ...every chance she get it(Hungary too)

Yes,Czech AND LIECHTENSTEIN did have grudge (LIECHTENSTEIN believe that Czech steal some lands from her)

9]Euro copa 2012,Spain X Portugal play was a good game

Ukraine cheers for Portugal(but i Ship Canukr) but Brazil always cheer for Portugal(the only copa he won was with a brazilian couch ,Felipe Scollari...O FELIPÃO



Yes, Spain donīt like Brazil and vice versa( Iggy is mean with her sometimes as France too) becasue Sapin GET BEAT DOWN SO MANY TIMES IN THE PAST BY HER...IS FUNNY

10]Well this one is based that China is one Brazilīs biggest allies economic and he support Brazil to be in ONU since the 90īs

Thatīs why

11] Well cafe com leite= coffee with milk ,is a brazilian slang that means ,well in my time it means "you are neutra " Mariīs skin is that colour
Which means she is neutra

But in Brazil have indegenous slavery then black slavery ,slavery exist for centuries but Mari never like it but she always feel conflit in the past because is her people(she canīt be mad but she donīt support it)


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